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Kowloon Reservoir and Shek Lei Pui Reservoir lie in Kam Shan Country Park where are many monkeys over there. Each one are connected with wooded footpaths.

Kowloon & Shek Lei Pui Reservoir - A trail for hiking in Hong Kong

Kowloon Reservoir
Distance: 5.0 Km
Duration: 1.5 hours




Start: Bus 72 from Cheung Sha Wan, 81 from Jordan, get off at Shek Lei Pui Reservoir

End: Same as above

You could only skirt Kowloon Reception Reservoir, then go ahead back to Cheung Yuen Road.

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Kowloon Byewash Reservoir and Kowloon Reception Reservoir

From the bus stop (the way to Sha Tin) of Shek Lei Pui Reservoir by the public toilet, the trail starts the gentle descent by following Cheung Yuen Road. Along the way, there are some of monkeys at the roadside or on the road. Passing through the dam of Kowloon Byewash Reservoir and then heading not far, it ascends the flight of steps on the right to Kowloon Reception Reservoir, then traces the left path skirting it. Head the gentle path, it is enjoyable for the lush trees and the tranquillity along the walk. Through its short dam, it opens up. Overlooking the opposite side, it offers the picturesque view on the inverted images of the trees reflecting in the waters like a mirror. Passing the catchment area and skirting ahead, you could overlook the dam just passed before. Head to the junction before the signpost no.5, it joins the flight of uphill steps to Shek Lei Pui Reservoir.

Exit: If not to go to Shek Lei Pui Reservoir, you could continue to skirt Kowloon Reception Reservoir, then return to Cheung Yuen Road.

Cheung Yuen Road

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Kowloon Byewash Reservoir

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Shek Lei Pui Reservoir

Along the trail up, it leads to the dam of Shek Lei Pui Reservoir. Head the trail to the left to skirt the reservoir (not to pass the dam). On the walk, you could see the scenic views on the greenish waters and the streams, as well as look far to the lateral of Lion Rock. Cutting through the woods, it comes to the water gate, then at the junction descends the left concrete path along the catchwater that leads to Golden Hill Road. Afterward, follow Golden Hill Road to the right. Passing through the curved dam of Kowloon Reservoir and heading further, it arrives at Tai Po Road.

Exit: At Shek Lei Pui Reservoir, if not to skirt it, you could trace the path to the right to pass the dam, then take the right concrete path at the junction leading down to Golden Hill Road.

The sylvan path

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Shek Lei Pui Reservoir

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Walking the trail along the reservoirs established for a long time, it is delightful for the green country seen, the thick woods and the turquoise water that fashion a sublime scenery. Moreover, the active monkeys also increase the vitality of nature. The trail is gentle with shade trees along the way, suitable for a leisure walk.

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Last Update : 10.12.2012


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