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On the Go Hiking

On the way

We are surviving in, and taking resources from the nature, it must be protected and cherished. Sometimes there are rubbishes discarded on the ground of the country park and on the hills such as bottles, plastic bags and even cigarette butt that would cause forest fire. Please keep it clean.

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Pay attention to condition of your body

If you are unwell or suffer from a cramp during the hike, should take a rest and drink some water. At that time, enjoy the beauitful scenery then carry on the journey.

Pace and rhythm

Maintain a natural and average pace, and relax yourself to reserve power for downhill. It is easy to be cramp or sprain if exhausted. Other than hiking stick, do not take anything to better balance as soon as possible.

Uphill easy and downhill difficult

During uphill, the body trends to be forward and is easy to balance by grasping rocks, trees or branches. In contrast to downhill, the body leans backward, especially stepping on the steep path that is full of loose gravel or on the long flight of downhill steps, it is difficult to balance and the knee joints are easily sprained and become painful

According to abilities and strength

The long distance or undulate and very steep trails are demanding in strength. During the hike, not be emulous or self-challenge to them out of your strength or ability. It would be better to retrace your way or look for other exit.

Text : Horace

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