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Crisis during Hiking


When meeting with danger or crisis, keep calm at any situation, then think about how to do is better to solve it. Send signals for help with a torch or a whistle if it is necessary.

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Losing your way

If you doubt of the path, keep calm and do not try to go or to explore in sylvan terrains, retrace your steps. If there is a number on the signpost, you should record it for rescue. Remember the way you have walked as soon as possible. If you meet forks or branches, it is better to take a picture with mobile phone and even make a mark over there. It is helpful to find the way right under the condition of being dark or foggy.

Heavy Rain

In rainstorm, water stream becomes very swift. Do not approach rivers or streams to avoid flood hazard, and leave the steep slope for avoiding the risk of landslide.

Lightning Strikes

When you see black clouds gathering, lightning strikes would occur. You should leave from high peaks or ridges. Do not go along spur or ridge downhill and do not stand under or near trees, lampposts and electric towers, and even must not open umbrella. Keep your body dry, never touch the ground with your hands, squat down and keep kneel on an insulated object or gravel. Do not sit or lie on the ground.

Forest fire

When forest fire occur, keep clam and observe wind direction and terrain. Contrary to the wind direction, go down or horizontally and do not enter woodlands. If no more alternative exit, select a place with weaker intensity of fire to flee. Go to a open place with few weeds and trees as soon as possible. Avoiding to breathe thick smoke, prostrate yourself on the ground then cover your mouth and nose with wet towel or cloth. Beware of forest fire when hiking in dry weather.

Heat Stroke Hazard

In hot weather or exposure to the sun in long time, function of sweating for heat dissipation becomes poor then would lead to overheat the body and lack for water that would cause heat stroke. Signs of overheat are dizziness, nausea, palpitations and even vomiting. if the symptoms appear, at this time, take off the victim's cloth and wrap up the body with wet towel or cloth. Help for dissipating heat with a fan and replenishing sufficient water, then let the victim take a rest untill get well. If it becomes serious, you should call for rescue at once.

Meeting wild dogs and snakes

Meeting wild dogs and snakes during the hike, should keep clam and keep your distance from them. Do not attempt to provoke or to attack them. In general, they do not attack you actively unless being threatened or attacked. If you are unfortunately bited by a viper, keep clam and do not move. Sit on the ground, then rinse the wound with water. Being nervous or tense would speed up the venin flowing into each organs. Call for rescue immediately and wait untill they come.

Text : Horace

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