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Brick Hill lies in south of HK Island. Its southeast slope is an area of Ocean Park but other side is open to public. At the top, south islands and the coast could be seen.

Nam Long Shan - A trail for hiking in Hong Kong

Nam Long Shan
Distance: 3.5 Km
Duration: 1.5 hours




Start: MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station; Bus 48,72A,75,107 get off at Wong Chuk Hang Terminal

End: MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station; Bus 48,72A,75 from Broadview Court in Sham Wan

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Wong Chuk Hang

The trail starts by following Nam Long Shan Road from Exit B of MTR station of Wong Chuk Hang at the junction, until up to Singapore International School. If by bus, it starts by following Nam Long Shan Road from the bus terminal of Wong Chuk Hang beside Singapore International School. Heading the road slowly up to the one-way section, going not far ahead, it joins the flight of uphill steps on the left. Up to the rest area of Nam Long Shan, it gradually opens up. Sometimes, the sound of screams from Ocean Park's roller coaster could be heard. In the peaceful setting, it would be noisy slightly. Further up, it comes to Nam Long Pavilion at the mid-level. Looking around, it offers splendid coastal views over Sham Wan, Ap Lei Chau and Lamma Island.

Nam Long Shan Road

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Aberdeen Channel

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Brick Hill (Nam Long Shan)

Along the trail up, it leads to the flatland. There are several stools put by the people who do morning-exercise. Afterward, follow the obvious path ahead. It covered by loose gravel in part but not steep. Heading to the landing of helicopter, it provides the panoramic coastal view over Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay. It is exhilarating and relaxed for the jade screen from the hills and the sea in the distance. Moreover, it is interesting that you could gaze to the cable cars of Ocean Park below you. Along the flight of step, it leads up to the hilltop. There is only the transmittion station at the top, but you could look back the view in higher level. Retrace you way downhill. Return to Nam Long Shan Road then follow it back. Afterward, take the flight of steps down on the left beside Canadian International School. Descend to Sham Wan Road then head it to the right to the bus terminal of Broadview Court. (If taking MTR, you could still follow Nam Long Shan Road until Wong Chuk Hang Station)

The coast along from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay

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