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Boa Vista is a hill in 260m height, lies in the south of Mount Parker, the north of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir. At the top, if offers a splendid full view over Tai Tam Harbour.

Boa Vista - A trail for hiking in Hong Kong

Boa Vista
Distance: 9.5 Km
Duration: 4.5 hours




Start: Bus 6, 63, 66, 76, minibus 5, get off at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir

End: Bus 2A, 77, 99, 606, 722

1. Heading to HK Forest Track, you could take the left fort to Quarry Gap then go to Quarry Bay via Mount Parker Road.
2. At the junction of the catchwater, taking right fork could lead to Tai Tam Road.

Due to the maintenance work in progress at the hillside beside the bus stop of Yiu Tung Estate, please take another path downhill refering to the map!

Due to Google changing the terms of Google Map, the daily usage rate will be limited. Please refer to the static map instead if the above map could not be displayed or used normally. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Wong Nai Chung Reservoir

The trail starts by ascending the short fight of steps on the left by the oil station from the bus stop of Wong Nai Chung Reservoir, then following Tai Tam Reservoir Road to the left uphill. Pass through Wong Nai Chung Reservoir and go ahead upward, it leads to Hong Kong Parkview. Afterward, still follow the road, it descends slowly and becomes one-way. Down to Tai Tam Upper Reservoir, cross the left short bridge and then turn left. Along the trail, it skirts along the reservoir to the main dam. Cross the reservoir by following the dam on the left then gently ascend the left path. Head to the junction, it traces Hong Kong Forest Track to the right. (Turning left go to Quarry Gap)

Up the steps on the left

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Tai Tam Upper Reservoir beneath Mount Butler

Boa Vista

Follow Hong Kong Forest Track, it then opens up. Along the way, the rolling hills of The Twins and Violet Hill could be seen on the right, and it also gives a jade screen over Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir nested in the forest. Pass through the electric towers and winds along the hillside ahead, it slightly turns up. At that time, carefully look for the narrow downward concrete steps on the right in the woods with some ribbons as a mark which is the entry of the path to Boa Vista. Trace the steps down then head the narrow muddy path through the thick woods. It gently leads up to the hilltop of Boa Vista.

At the top, it is very open. Overlooking forward, it offers a splendid view over Tai Tam Harbour and Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir. If you continue to head the path down to the hillside, the panormaic view on them will fully come to your sight. Toward the north, Jardine's Lookout, Siu Ma Shan and Mount Butler roll and billow far into the distance, and you could also look back Tai Tam Upper Reservoir in the deep valley. Afterward, retrace the way to Hong Kong Forest Track.

Branch: At the hilltop of Boa vista, you could continue to follow the downhill path ahead roughly toward Tai Tam Harbour down to the junction of Section 6 of Hong Kong Trail, then head it to the left to Tai Tam Road. However, at the last section of the path is quite steep and cuts through the very thick woods that requires to clamber down.

Hong Kong Forest Track

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Overlook Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and The Twins

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Tai Tam Harbour

Yiu Tung Estate

Head the concrete path of Hong Kong Forest Track to the right. Passing through the muddy section, it comes to the five paths junction at the catchwater. Taking the left path leads to Quarry Gap, right down to Tai Tam Road, and forward to Quarry Bay and Tai Koo Shing. At the moment, follow the trail ahead alongside the catchwatch. It winds along the hillside of Mount Parker largely cutting through woods and crossing several streams, then joins the muddy path. Go ahead beyond the woods, Chai Wan and Tung Lung Chau could be overlooked. Trace it further, Shau Kei Wan and Lei Yue Mun also come to the your sight on the right. Looking far ahead to the north ridge of Mount Parker, you could see a large rock over there named 'Warlord Rock (Tseung Kwan Shek)' which shape like an armored warlord with a wide body. There is also an uphill path along the ridge to climb Mount Parker. Head the trail, it then leads to the junction on the right (toward Hing Tung Estate). Descend the steps, then follow the several flights of concrete steps through the retaining wall. Down to the metal gate, pass the fence through the nick on the left (a large broken section) and then descend the flight of steps of the retaining wall until the bus stop of Yiu Wah House at Yiu Hing Road.

*** Note: Due to the maintenance work in progress for the retaining wall on the hillside beside the bus stop of Yiu Tung Estate, the path could not be passed. Please take another path downhill as indicated from the map! (07/10/2018)

Exit: There are several side paths on the right down to different sections of Tai Tam Road along the trail between the catchwater of Hong Kong Forest Track to Yiu Tung Estate. However, there is no signpost at each junction, you should refer to the map if you take them.

    Branch: If not to Yiu Tung Estate at the last section, you could continue to follow the path before downhill, then (Please see the branch from the map for the details)
  1. After joining Hong Pak Country Trail, follow it to the right downhill, then take the right fork at the next junction leading down to Shau Kei Wan Service Reservoir Playground and then Hing Tung Estate.
  2. Or continue to follow Hong Pak Country Trail to the next second junction, then trace Quarry Bay Tree Walk to the right to Nam Fung Sun Chuen and Tai Koo Shing.
  3. Or follow Quarry Bay Tree Walk to the left till to Mount Parker Road, then trace it to the right to Quarry Bay.

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The muddy path

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Mount Parker

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Warlord Rock standing at the hillside


It is pleasurable for the sublime scenery over Tai Tam Harbour from the top of Boa Vista, and is also relaxed and comfortable for winding through the peaceful sylvan path among the verdant vegetation, and crossing the gurgling streams. It is seldom for still having the aura of the primitive forest in the highly developed Hong Kong Island.

Text : Horace

Last Update : 16.03.2018


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